maandag 9 september 2013

Nieuwsbrief Ton van der Kroon - PEACE OR WAR?


'War is the outcome of a long process of denied feelings and suffering. It will only happen if enough people have been living under severe pressure. The situation in the Middle East is the result of a long period of suppression, anger, and pain of the Arabic speaking people, which has finally burst into an explosion of action, frustration and despair. You are only seeing the outcome of a long process, which has been going on for decennia.
And it will proceed for decennia to come, before the wounds are healed, cleansed and restored. Don’t be afraid or upset about the things you see, but try to look deeper to the cause of things. Here you can sympathise with the ordinary people, with their cause, with their search for freedom and democracy. It is a heartfelt cry, and as soon as you are connecting to the root of the cause, you will help it to resolve. The key lies in compassion, without denying the bad, but focussing on the good.

War tries to delude you into a game of emotions and judgements, about things happening somewhere else, with other people, on another continent. But know that under the surface there s no difference.  Everyone is longing for freedom and respect, be it from a financial system that has reached its outer limits, from dictatorship, or male dominance.
The point is that a solution is never ‘out there.’ It is ‘inside’: connect on a heart level and you will find that your own struggle is the same as somebody elses, only the form is different. As soon as you realise this, you can sympathise with the rebels, with the refugees, with the leaders who have to make decisions, and even with the perpetrators on whatever side of the conflict. Also they are embedded in their own system of struggle to free themselves form slavery and negativity. In a war these two sides – light and dark – are polarised and seem larger then life, and it doesn’t matter on which side you are. You are part of the polarity.
The opposing forces are played out at the moment on a large scale in the Middle East and the only thing you can do to help this in a fruitful direction is to embrace both sides, knowing they are both struggling for freedom, each in its own way, just as you do yourself, being good and bad at the same time.
Put a large scale net of light and positive compassionate feeling around the areas of fire and tension, so all things can be played out in a milder form and do not escalate into a bigger, more severe form of duality.'

Hartelijke groet en wellicht tot op één van de meditaties, Ton

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