zondag 11 maart 2012

From 'Brain Storm' to 'Brain Waves' - clearing out of (anxiety-) programming...

Brain Storm by  Ellen van der Molen - click here for a larger image
Spend some time alone with your mind ...
Allow the thoughts to be there ...
Do not take them too seriously.
Eckhart Tolle

Earlier this year, I came across a mandala called Brain Storm. The energy of the mandala really impacted me. The experience with Brain Storm confirmed my feeling that this mandala is a powerful healer in the purification of mind control or (anxiety-) programming that we consciously and unconsciously carry within us.

Don’t be alarmed ... when e.g. your mother tells you that 'you're a boy ' or ' you're a girl ' and you believe it, this is already a kind of programming. That the gradation can vary speaks for itself ...

To get back on (anxiety-) programming, this often takes shape in thoughts that come and go and randomly interrupt your thinking. This compelling and often judgmental voice or voices inside you that keep(s) you from doing what really makes you happy or what makes you feel good and holds you in fear mode. And also ensures that you stay in a 'sleep state' in many areas, in 'judgment'... unaware. Closing your eyes for what is really going on inside you, around you and in the world. A voice that keeps you from the truth, those thoughts that go on and on ... unstoppable, at least so it seems ... Brain Storm works on the purification of that voice, that programming.

Note: Brain Storm, the name says it all, brings healing from chaos. In other words, it is possible that when you see this mandala you feel a resistance and in experiencing the energy of the mandala you feel chaos and fear. This is part of the purification. The beauty is that the mandala during this process literally transforms from 'Brain Storm' to 'Brain Waves' ...

To give you an idea of ​​what could happen, I share my own experience with you below. Let this in no way be a measure for yours!

Right after I saw the mandala, my heart first started to pound. As if I had walked up four flights of stairs. Then I felt a lot of things happening in my head, I felt disoriented, complete chaos, as if waves were going through my head, in all directions. I felt the crown of my head tingle ... and felt electrical currents in my head, so strong that it even hurt....

Then I felt that the currents became synchronized, as if they were reversed. The chaos disappeared and there was peace and grounding instead. The waves as you see on the mandala were connected and formed in my head a lemniscate between the left and right hemisphere. These were reconnected and balanced on a deeper level. A healing that emerged from chaos and continued to work on in the days after. The storm subsided, there was peace and grounding. The 'Brain Storm' had passed, transformed into nice and peaceful 'Brain Waves'.

I gladly share this mandala with you because in my mind it should and wants to be seen much more broadly. If you want to work with it: feel what you can do and what is open to come. If you are a bit uncertain about it, here are some guidelines that you can follow if it feels right to you. Because the energy of the mandala can be described as 'intense', I recommend you center and ground yourself as you align with Brain Storm. Be aware that the field associated with anxiety and programming can act up, this is part of the program. Do not be deceived by it ... ;-)
  1. Ground yourself and put yourself in a protective white light
  2. View the mandala well and take in the details as much as possible
  3. Then close your eyes and picture the mandala in your mind’s eye (you do not need to see it perfectly clear)
  4. Move your attention to your body and feel, experience, or become aware of what is happening in your body.
  5. Stay present with what is happening and stay with the experience until the 'Brain Storm' becomes 'Brain Waves' and you can feel the peace and serenity coming on.
  6. The programming has a stratification, so repeat this exercise as often as you feel it is required.
If you like please leave a comment or your feedback. As we all learn from it. And if you want to share this message ... yes please! It is badly needed ...

From heart-to-heart
Germaine Domatilia

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