vrijdag 6 januari 2012

A 'must watch, must share' video...

Een video die zo mooi aansluit op 'De keuze voor het Licht, de keuze voor Liefde...'. En een die Licht werpt op waarom je je misschien zo voelt, zoals je je voelt...

"The reason physical reality has been so frustrating for you is because you bought the stories about its limitations hook, line and sinker. You bought them because you had made an agreement to do so. It was part of your plan to buy into these limitations so that you could relate to those who have no idea about light and who have been buying into the limitations for their whole existence. You are going to electromagnetically alter the planet. Rewire it, so to speak. So that all these other beings can be plugged in once again. You can only do this if you can relate to where they are..."


Van hart tot hart,
Germaine Domatilia

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